Roadtrippin': Chistochina

Published: Jun. 13, 2019 at 9:44 PM AKDT
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Most Anchorage-ites might be tempted to blow through Copper Center--a sleepy highway town that was once an important stopover for prospectors traveling to the Interior--on their way to the Copper River, but Roadtrippin’s Rebecca Palsha and Hank Davis stopped at some of its historic buildings and spoke to found some of its charming residents.

At the Old Town Copper Center Inn, a restaurant nicknamed “Nummy’s” for after the owner Tom Huddleston’s grandmother, serves local and seasonal fish and other delicacies. While our Roadtrippin’ team got the intel that they serve some of the best food around, Huddleston likes to keep a low profile.

“We are trying to keep that quiet” jokes Huddleston, whose camouflage hunting shirt and grizzled beard don’t give any clues that he’s a surreptitious gourmand.

Still, he’s not afraid to shoot straight, when it comes to his food.

“We got killer Reuben, the salmon sandwiches, all of it--it’s all good,” he says.

That includes the breakfast menu, that uses a hundred-year-old sourdough from the pioneers of the area. The restaurant once belonged to Tom’s grandparents, and was used as a tavern.

Rebecca has a verdict after trying her salmon sandwich: “Nummy’s is yummy!”

The food might just be enough to tempt the hurried urbanite into a stopover in Copper Center--that and the sockeye in the Klutina River.

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