Roadtrippin': Student run greenhouses on Prince of Wales Island grow lunch year-round

Published: May. 11, 2017 at 9:02 PM AKDT
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A small school district on Prince of Wales Island is teaching students how to grow vegetables for lunch year-round using innovative greenhouses.

Students attending schools in the Southeast Island School District often find themselves harvesting carrots, lettuce and kale during class.

“We're trying to teach our kids to be entrepreneurs, and so we have contracts now with a few of the grocery stores on the island. We have a restaurant that the school owns that we supply our produce for,” said superintendent Nick Higson. “We supply quite a bit of the produce for our school lunches.”

The greenhouse at the school in the village of Kasaan runs on an aquaponic system, where water circulates under the plants from a large fish tank filled with dozens of goldfish.

“I learn that the fish poop helps with the nutrients of the plants, and it makes them big and healthy,” said sixth grader Mari George-Love.

There are only 12 students enrolled at the school in Kasaan, each student sharing the responsibility to keep the plants alive.

Check out the operation in the Roadtrippin’ Alaska video above.