Roadtrippin': Healthy living in Seldovia

 Logo of Seldovia Villiage Tribe
Logo of Seldovia Villiage Tribe (KTUU)
Published: May. 5, 2017 at 4:36 PM AKDT
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"If the tide is out the table is set," that's how CEO of the Seldovia Villiage Tribe Crystal Collier describes life in her town.

People are resourceful and live off the land, mostly because they have to. Seldovia is not accessible by road, instead most people get there by water taxi.

"We are actually what we call a melting pot because we have all the indigenous tribes of the area come to Seldovia to exist and survive because of the resources," says Collier.

Once you land in town you are treated to a beautiful harbor, and a quaint little village.

Over at the Seldovia Tribe Village Center, Collier gives a history lesson of the village that once thrived on fishing and mining.

Her organization encourages and offers educational classes about healthy lifestyles for all residents of the village.

"Obviously there's no McDonald's, and in the winter time there is not even a restaurant so people are pretty used to cooking their own foods."

On Friday morning a group gave a talk about domestic violence. Later in the day a handful of residents gathered for the weekly Healthy Chatter luncheon. That day they listened to a speaker talk about essential oils.

On the menu for lunch: spaghetti squash, with red sauce, salad and water.

This weekend the tribe is putting on its yearly carnival with basketball and volleyball tournaments.

During the summer the tribe hosts hikes, and fun adventures for local children.

Collier also says they are experimenting with new ways of pickling vegetables and even introducing kimchee into the village.

About 250 people live in town, with another 250 living in the village just out from town.

And while it does get some tourists, Collier says she would love to see more in town during the summer.

To get to Seldovia the KTUU Roadtrippin' crew took a water taxi from Homer and then got dropped off at Jakolof Bay, where we got picked up and taken into town.

From May to September the village runs a ferry with rides starting at about $40. The taxi was about $75 per person round-trip,