Spooks and Spokes on Spenard celebrates new improvements for cyclists

Published: Oct. 29, 2017 at 6:57 PM AKDT
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Spokes and spooks on Spenard celebrated the new improvements to the roadway and sidewalks on a portion of Spenard Road.

Bike Anchorage encourage members of the city's bike community to dress in bike-friendly costumes while parading through Spenard on the new bike lanes.

The stretch from Hillcrest Drive to West Benson Boulevard has new and improved sidewalks, that were widened to about eight feet, along with bike lanes on each side of the road.

The updates not only help bikers and pedestrians but also make the road safer for drivers, Lindsey Hajduk, President of Bike Anchorage said.

"This is one of the stretches in our town where there are a lot of collisions because the road was fast, and curvy," Hajduk said.