Spotlight on Youth: Cooking with class at Airport Heights Elementary

Published: Nov. 20, 2018 at 10:26 AM AKST
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Busy halls and talkative kids. It's just another typical day after school at Airport Heights Elementary School in Anchorage. But for a select group of kids, after school means learning how to cook.

Teacher Ranee Chatudompol's been helping kids learn their way around the kitchen for the last four years.

"I love cooking with them. I love to see that excitement you can see in their eyes when they cook," she said.

The kids are learning how to cook and have appropriate social interactions. They are building self-confidence and being introduced to things they’ve never experienced. Third-grader Victoria Lewis said cooking with Ms. Ranee is fun, and she can make the recipes at home with her family.

The class is open to students 2nd through 6th grade. They cook on Tuesday and Thursday. United Way of Anchorage provided a grant for the last two years for the class to get supplies.