Supply and demand: Alaska pot shops struggle to keep pace

Published: Jan. 19, 2017 at 1:19 PM AKST
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If you're looking buds, good luck, as most marijuana retail shops across the state are sold out and struggling to get shipments.

Alaska's first retail pot shop opened at the end of October, ever since, retailers from Kenai to Fairbanks say it has been a daily struggle to find product.

Red Run Cannabis in Kenai says they can't even request orders to be filled and settle for random shipments. So far the past month they've only received two total shipments, each containing about five pounds of flower.

In Fairbanks, shops like Pakalolo Supply Co. are only open two days a week. On their website, it reads "We are extremely grateful for your patience during our down time as we all wait for the industry to catch up to expectations."

Frozen Budz, another Fairbanks retail shop is closed indefinitely. When calling their store, the voice recording says "Thank you for calling Frozen Budz, we're currently out of product and will re-open as soon as we have supply."

There is some good news for those looking to buy weed as hundreds of cultivators are in the process of becoming operation. According to the Alcohol & Marijuana Control Office, there are 24 active marijuana cultivation facilities operating in Alaska right now, 29 others are close to becoming active, and another 216 are not active, but currently in the process applying.