Technology has provided a big assist to Real Estate sales during Covid-19

Published: May. 29, 2020 at 10:44 AM AKDT
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In Anchorage sales are up, real estate is also doing well in the valley, and technology has a lot to do with that. Buying a house is the biggest investment many consumers will ever make, they want to be sure of what they are getting. During a pandemic that can be difficult, that's where virtual tours, drone flight through's, and other creative means come into play.

"We had to get really creative and become resilient to social distancing. People may not be as comfortable to come out in public." Said real estate specialist Michelle Mueller.

Mueller has been operating throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as a real estate agent in Wassila. She has relied heavily on 3D live immersive tours to show prospective buyers available homes.

"When we're hosting an open house online, we actually connect with them virtually, and we can do a click by step and engage with all of our clients as they come in." Said Mueller.

While that's one example of the ingenuity being used by real estate brokers it's far from the only one. "Our realtor did an awesome thing with a drone video. He had a kid come in and do a drone-like walkthrough tour of the house which was really cool." Said Sonja Daum who recently sold her house in Alaska in the midst of the "Hunker Down" order.

The need for this new technology has understandably led to an opportunity for those that are tech-inclined. Luke Bredar is a young man who's started up his own business after proving his concept to one specific agent who he pitched the idea too.

"It went super smooth and ever since people have been coming to me more and more and I think it's partly because of coronavirus." Said Bredar.

While this pandemic has been difficult for everyone and while it's viewed differently by many, we do have certain advantages today that we would not have had even five or ten years ago. A small silver lining to an otherwise daunting issue of the day.

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