Vespa thieves caught on video surveillance

Published: Jun. 30, 2017 at 4:53 PM AKDT
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An Anchorage family is shaken after a group of thieves stole their motorized scooter from their backyard.

"The most upsetting part is not feeling safe in our own community," said Amy Brown. "Even in our own home, even while I'm sleeping in my bed, that somebody is right there next to my bedroom window, walking away and laughing with my belongings."

The theft took place around 10 p.m. Wednesday. Surveillance video shows two males stealing a Vespa from the Brown's backyard. KTUU has blurred their faces in the video because Anchorage Police and the District Attorney couldn't confirm their age.

About 24-hours after it was stolen, the Brown's reported the incident to police. Within three hours, one of the suspects seen in the video was pulled over and taken into custody while joyriding downtown.

Although the Vespa has been returned, Brown says it sustained thousands of dollars in damage. While disappointed about it's condition, she says hardest part is explaining what happened to her 4-year-old daughter.

"It's hard, she was scared," said Brown. "She was watching out the window asking if the creepers were going to come get her. It's sad when your kid can't go play on her swing set without worrying about people jumping the fence."

In response to the increase in theft and burglaries around town, many neighborhoods, including Midtown, are in the process of starting community watch programs.

"When the bad guys know you're watching, they generally don't show up," said Ric Davidge, Vice President of the Midtown District Community Council. "People are just tired of it, it's not the Anchorage we grew up in and it's not the Anchorage we expect."

Earlier this week, the Midtown Community Council, APD and about 50 residents and business owners came together to talk about ways to stop crime. While several idea's were discussed, community patrols was considered a great option to help police.

"We can't do it by ourselves," Davidge said. "The police just can't do it and we need the community to tell us what's going on."

To find community patrols in your neighborhood, click on the link below.

To find community patrols in your neighborhood, go to