Thousands of Alaskans show up for Women's March in Anchorage

 Women's March in Anchorage.
Women's March in Anchorage. (KTUU)
Published: Jan. 21, 2017 at 4:42 PM AKST
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As a winter storm moved through Anchorage on Saturday, a thick blanket of snow proved to be no match for thousands of Alaskans converging at Delaney Park Strip.

From reproductive rights to education policies to health care, Alaskans voiced their disagreements with President Donald Trump at a march held downtown.

Marchers like Susan Westervelt said they came out to get a message across.

"What motivated me is I want to see more positiveness in our government," Westervelt said.

Samantha McNelly, an organizer for the event said the goal was to showcase unity.

"This last election cycle has been hard for a lot of people and I think we all need this unifying force right now," McNelly said.

Some marchers like Bruce Batten expressed sentiments against President Trump, noting his loss in the popular vote.

"We support the things that he seems to be against," Batten said. "For instance, equality for all Americans, inclusion for all the marginalized people and we wanted to show all Americans that America is about them, not just a narrow few."

Jim Raffuse said while he opposes the election result, he's hoping for a positive outcome.

"I hope he does a good job in office, but I have my reservations, I hope he makes our nation better," Raffuse said.

Organizers estimate around 2,000 people indicated they would show up based on social media, but some estimate that number to be closer to 3,500.

Jim Crawford, who worked on Trump's campaign said despite whether people agree or disagree with the election results, more people getting involved in the political process will help the state.

""Those who disagree with the policies of Donald Trump should push their positions, should get others involved and the body politics and the state will be much better for it," Crawford said.

President Trump captured the majority of votes in Alaska by more than 14 percent over candidate Hillary Clinton.

As to what happens next remains to be seen during the next four years.