Video of Alaska man heating knife on stove, burning victim's face leads to guilty verdict

Published: Jan. 7, 2019 at 10:50 AM AKST
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An Alaska man has been sentenced to almost a dozen years in jail, after videos of some of his alleged crimes were shown in court.

Kodiak resident Daniel Grosser stood accused of multiple charges, including robbery and indecent viewing or photography, according to prosecutors.

The robbery-related incident was captured on Grosser's phone, and depicted acts of violence.

"The video of the robbery showed Grosser heating up a serrated knife on a coil burner stove and burning the victim’s cheek with it," Department of Law officials stated in a news release.

The other charge was captured on Grosser's phone as well, where it appeared Grosser filmed sexual acts with a different victim. Prosecutors said these sexual encounters were recorded secretly and without that victim's consent.

Kodiak Judge Steve Cole handed down the 11 years, five months, and 20 days in jail sentence, after video of both the knife burning, and sexual recording, were played for him.

Cole stated that “videos were worth more than a thousand words” and that if he were the victim he would have thought that he was about to die.

According to prosecutors, Grosser’s has a lengthy out of state criminal history, and was considered a “poor candidate” for rehabilitation, hence the long sentence.

In court, Grosser stated he wanted to apologize to the victims, and said he was “repulsed” with himself while listening to the videos.

"Grosser stated that he was disgusted with himself and should not have been doing drugs, particularly methamphetamine," DOL stated in the release. He told the court he had “great shame” and “deep remorse” for what he did to the victims.