Anchorage mayor announces criteria for how some businesses can safely reopen

Published: Apr. 24, 2020 at 11:21 AM AKDT
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Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz has released a list of criteria for how certain businesses can start safely reopening. The order would allow some businesses to open their doors on April 27.

The plans vary according to the type of businesses operating but are based on employees and customers wearing face masks, ensuring social distancing takes place and developing COVID-19 mitigation plans.

The detailed business mandates are available on the

. They include plans for:

  • Food: Restaurants that provide table service.
  • Retail: General retail stores, such as clothing, sporting goods, books, greenhouses, gifts, etc.
  • Personal care services: Beauty, barber and hair salons; cosmological services, tattoo shops, body piercing, etc.
  • Non-critical businesses that interact with the public: Service-focused businesses that include a retail-style storefront such as bait shacks, carpet stores, etc.
  • Non-critical professional services that do not interact with the public: Such as law offices, architectural, engineering and environmental agencies, consulting services, etc.

The mayor’s plans to reopen the economy run in tandem with

by the governor earlier in the week.

Chris Schutte from the Office of Community and Economic Development said Anchorage's business mandates differ slightly from the state's plans.

Under the Anchorage plan, hairdressers would need to wear gloves and greater physical distances would be required while giving haircuts.

Berkowitz said that the easing of coronavirus-releated restrictions for Anchorage residents is based on the success of reducing the spread of the virus. "We have flattened the curve," he said.

The mayor warned that businesses should start slowly reopening to ensure they can operate safely. "Just because you can open, doesn't mean you should open," Berkowitz said.

Businesses that are able to meet the mayor’s mandates to safely reopen can begin operations on Monday.

“Individuals must continue to take precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including: maintaining physical distancing, washing hands regularly, and limiting non-urgent trips outside of the home,” the mayor’s office writes. “Individuals are strongly encouraged to protect themselves and others by wearing face coverings when in public and encouraged to recreate outside while maintaining physical distancing from anyone outside of the immediate household.”

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