We kick off July with sun and above average temps

Published: Jul. 1, 2020 at 10:05 AM AKDT
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It will be partly sunny in Anchorage on Wednesday with a high of 71 degrees.

Our weather pattern has been changing for a couple of days as high pressure moves over Southcentral, bringing warm conditions for the rest of the forecast period.

We do have some moisture in the mid-levels of our atmosphere even as high pressure moves in. This could lead to some cloud cover for the weekend.

The air flow moving out of the Interior and south into Southcentral and the Gulf will bring windy conditions to coastal locations. Thursday, a sea breeze for Anchorage should keep temps on the west side in the low to mid 70s with the potential for 80 degrees on the east side and away from the water.

For the extended period, Saturday through Tuesday, as high pressure sets up over western Alaska this weekend it should hold through Tuesday.

Inland areas, especially Southcentral will be on the warm and dry side with daytime highs well into the 70s, cooler along the coasts with sea breezes.

The position of the high-pressure ridge should move enough over western Alaska to allow some storm energy from the Bering Sea to bring clouds and chances of showers across the area. This will push daytime highs in the region toward the cooler side. These low-pressure storms in the region of the Bering Sea and the Aleutians will keep generally cloudy and rainy and rainy/showery conditions with locally windy conditions through Tuesday.

Overnight, we drop down to 52 degrees while under mostly clear skies with variable 10mph winds.

It will be partly sunny for Anchorage on Thursday with a high of 71 degrees along with variable 10mph winds. Overnight we drop down to 52 degrees while under mostly cloudy skies in the evening becoming mostly clear with variable 10 mph winds.

Looking ahead, we will be mostly sunny on Friday with light winds while we warm up to 78 degrees.

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