Meet Downtown's newest Star; resident reindeer replaced

Published: Jun. 6, 2018 at 5:00 PM AKDT
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There’s a new Star the Reindeer living in downtown Anchorage. The fixture of downtown Anchorage is the seventh reindeer to bear the name “Star” in Albert Whitehead’s yard. Whitehead has a permit to own the reindeer in Anchorage.

The new Star came to Whitehead from the reindeer farm in Palmer. This reindeer is the first Star to be a male reindeer. His predecessor died in October at the age of 15.

Channel 2’s Shawn Wilson accompanied Whitehead and Star on a walk around downtown Anchorage Wednesday afternoon. Star is 14 months old, Whitehead says. On their walk, passersby got to pet Star, touch his antler velvet, and some just looked from afar at the unusual sight.

Channel 2's Shawn Wilson contributed to this story.