Tribery is on a mission to connect the modern family across generations and distances

New York company with European roots has reimagined the family newsletter as a collaborative photo journal designed to bridge the divides that separate so many of us.
Published: Dec. 3, 2021 at 5:58 AM AKST

NEW YORK, Dec. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Tribery has announced the launch of their new app just in time for the holidays. Tribery allows families around the world to collaborate on monthly printed family journals sent to a loved one every month. What makes Tribery different from other photobook apps? Founder Dan Banon explains his vision:

Invite your entire family to collaborate on monthly family journals. Upload pictures and...
Invite your entire family to collaborate on monthly family journals. Upload pictures and captions every month right from your phone. Tribery prints and ships your photo journal to loved ones. It's that easy!

Tribery is an app as simple as the family group chat. Invite as many family members as you want to share pictures and captions of their favorite everyday moments. But with Tribery, instead of all those moments being lost over time - buried in the tide of day to day communication - Tribery ships a beautiful printed family journal to a loved one each month. Our goal is to keep your whole family in the loop, wherever life takes you.

Tribery knows how challenging separation can be on families. Finding himself somewhat stranded from his family as an expat living in New York, Dan found himself yearning to connect and discover more about his family. After uncovering old photos of his grandfather, Dan realized how much of his family's story he didn't know. That spark led to the creation of Tribery. Soon, he connected with Deb, his co-founder, and realized that this sense of missing out is all too common. Deb's story was one of family isolation as well.

My baby girl was born one week before NYC went into its infamous lockdown; and with my family living abroad, it was 9 months before they were able to meet her. Keeping my family connected was a challenge and I was really hitting a snag when it came to my grandparents. Facetime, Zoom, and Whatsapp aren't easy to grasp when you're over 75 years old. I tried creating an online scrapbook to share pictures of Ezra and Romy but couldn't find an intuitive, hassle free solution. We quickly realized that an easy-to-use app that shipped monthly family journals to loved ones would benefit a lot of people with the same pain point...and decided to build it from scratch!

Tribery wants to become a new type of family tradition, one that happens every month.

We had incredible response to our pre-launch and we've seen Tribery used to connect families in ways we hadn't imagined. Tribery was created with your whole family in mind, so younger people have a new channel to stay connected with older generations. From everyday moments to old family recipes, the overwhelming love and creativity has made us very excited to officially introduce Tribery to families far and wide.

Anyone who downloads the app today will receive their first printed journal for $1. Visit to learn more.

Scott Sandler

The easiest way to keep your family connected and make your grandparents smile.
The easiest way to keep your family connected and make your grandparents smile.

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