Published: May. 20, 2022 at 4:21 AM AKDT

New-Breed Plant-Extracts Brand Joins the US Market

NEW YORK, May 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- International consumer products group, Tenacious Labs, is excited to announce the launch of HOO RAA – a new lifestyle brand where your pleasure is your power. HOO RAA's debut product range elevates wellbeing through natural, mood-enhancing, and pleasure-boosting ingredients.


The HOO RAA collection empowers people to enhance three essential elements of their life: sex, mood, and sleep. With products that arouse, relax, uplift, and refresh away from the ordinary and unspectacular.

Crafted by an expert team of innovative formulators and chemists, each ingredient is sourced to support a deliberate sensory experience. By designing mood and dialing up pleasure, HOO RAA gives consumers the freedom to live the life they uniquely desire.

In a space filled with squeaky-clean wellness brands, we're delighted to splash some color and rebelliousness into the market. Uninspiring sex? A crappy night's sleep? Modern life is hard – HOO RAA can help. - KIRAN DYER, Head of Marketing Ops, Tenacious Labs

The HOO RAA range includes the following CBD-infused items:

Wake the Neighbors ($35) - CBD love lotion for frictionless fumbles together or alone. Kick things up a level by boosting pleasure, turning up sensitivity, and generally feeling sexy af.

Rain Cloud Repellent ($70) - CBD tincture with a burst of citrus. Our lemon-flavored oil is packed with full-spectrum CBD and vitamin C for living life on the sunny side.*

Rest for the Wicked ($70) - CBD tincture for sinfully good shuteye. Just a few drops of this minty mixture with full-spectrum CBD and you're off to a magical vacation in dreamland.*

Simply the Zest ($25) - CBD bath salts with refreshing grapefruit. A soothing potion of zingy citrus, exotic grapefruit and our CBD.

Let's get Fizzical ($10) - Zingy lime and eucalyptus CBD bath bomb. Go from zero-to-zen after a long day with your new bath-time bestie

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

To launch, HOO RAA is collaborating with four NYC-based tastemakers Aurora Anthony, Chinq Pink, Maxine Ashley and Yeah Boii Cole - The PleasuRebels, through a unique multimedia campaign. Celebrating the obscure and throwing glitter at taboos as they define their pleasure in this sensational city.

HOO RAA is available to purchase starting May 5, 2022 at

For all updates visit the HOO RAA website and follow @wearehooraa on all social channels.

About Tenacious Labs
Tenacious Labs is an international consumer products group championing plant-based, newly regulated ingredients including CBD. By bringing clarity, understanding and unwavering trust to the benefits these natural ingredients provide, we aim to become the world's leading consumer products group in a vibrant, competitive landscape. It's brand, HOO RAA empowers people to embrace pleasure and manage their mood through the magic of plant extracts.

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