National Leader in Reproductive Health Leads Effort to Recruit Medical Professionals into the Growing Fertility Healthcare Space

Published: Jul. 21, 2022 at 1:23 PM AKDT

The Prelude Network's "Prelude to a Life Exceptional" efforts highlight rewards, benefits of reproductive medicine while addressing the need for more REI's; recent industry audit shows factors that determine a physician's specialty career path.

HOUSTON, July 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The Prelude Network ® (Prelude), the largest provider of comprehensive fertility services in North America and the clinical network of Inception Fertility™, has embarked on a national recruitment effort to inspire physicians to enter reproductive endocrinology. Through Prelude to a Life Exceptional, the national leader in reproductive healthcare highlights the professional and personal rewards of being a Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility (REI) specialist.

The Prelude Network
The Prelude Network(PRNewswire)

Included in the campaign are Dr. James Grifo, Chief Executive Physician of Inception Fertility and Program Director at NYU Langone Fertility Center, Dr. Jessica Rubin, REI at Reproductive Biology Associates in Atlanta and Dr. David Prokai, REI at Aspire Fertility Austin who each discuss through a series of short films the impact being an REI has had on their career and on them personally.

According to a recent American Medical Association report on fellowships, reproductive endocrinology is the fourth most popular specialty among residents1. However, the need for more professionals to enter this space continues to increase, as industry reports note that the fertility services market is projected to grow at a compounded annual rate of over five percent over the next five years2. This is due to a number of factors, including more women waiting later to have children3.

"Prelude has seen firsthand the increase in demand for comprehensive services led by exceptional specialists who exude both knowledge of reproductive medicine and practice with a heart of compassion," says TJ Farnsworth, Founder and CEO of Inception Fertility, the parent company to Prelude. "As a leader in the fertility services industry, Prelude recognizes that we have a great responsibility to ensure that current and future patients will be able to easily access highly trained and skilled doctors to help them build their families."

To understand the current reproductive endocrinology landscape, Prelude performed an extensive industry audit which included interviews with current Prelude physicians, academic institutions/associations and competing career options. This deep dive revealed those factors that influence a physician's decision to enter into a specific medical field, including work-life balance, geography, job security and stability.

"In speaking with professionals across the country, one message was very clear: REIs take great pride in being able to help patients do something special, unique and forever life-changing - and that's create life, offer hope and build families," says Nicole R. Braley, Chief Marketing Officer for Inception Fertility. "Through this physician-focused audit, we know which areas to place even greater emphasis on, which will help make this field more competitive and enticing to future REI's. These efforts will make a significant impact not just on Prelude, but the entire reproductive healthcare industry."

Other findings of Prelude's fertility market audit found that after decades of increasing percentages of women entering medicine, female physicians dominate gynecology, obstetrics and reproductive medicine and are predicted to continue to do so.

"Prelude has always recognized that female physicians are important to reproductive healthcare, and these findings confirm just how vital it is that we make recruitment of female physicians a priority for the fertility industry," continues Braley. "Many of our clinics are female-led, and we are proud of the contributions those doctors have made to Prelude and more importantly, the fertility field."

Dr. Grifo is considered in innovator in fertility care, having pioneered some of the most advanced technologies used in reproductive medicine. "What we do everyday as REIs is create legacies by giving people the chance to have children and build their families," notes Dr. Grifo. "The impact you have on a patient is profound, and this next generation of doctors pushes specialists like me to be better, work collaboratively and improve technologies and processes that help us continue building those families and those legacies."

"Being an REI is so much more than being a fertility expert; it's walking alongside your patients as they navigate the very personal journey of building a family," says Dr. Rubin. "This is more than a job. It's become a passion for me, and I am very excited to see this growth of female professionals entering the reproductive healthcare arena and look forward to welcoming more to the Prelude family."

Dr. Prokai shares, "I was honored to take part in Prelude's recruitment effort and share my own personal experience of being an REI, how rewarding this field of medicine has been to me, and how those rewards flow into other areas of my life. I can say with certainty that I have chosen the best career path for myself and my family, and every day I look forward to meeting with my patients and playing a role in their futures."

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Prelude to a Life Exceptional was recently recognized for marketing excellence by being recognized by the Viddy Awards for outstanding achievement in video and production skills, as well as a Telly Award for excellence in video and television across all screens.

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