Don’t Let Sleep Apnea Keep You from a Summer Adventure

(John Wise)

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After beginning treatment for sleep apnea, patients can’t imagine sleeping another night without their CPAP, because their quality of sleep has increased so much.

However, those adventurers who love backpacking, camping, fishing or hunting may think they have to skip treatment and sacrifice a good night’s sleep to enjoy their outdoor passions or just stay at home.

Great news is that those days are long gone. Portable CPAP technology has improved so much that you can go literally anywhere without skipping treatment.

There are several options for campers who have sleep apnea and don’t want to return to their pre-CPAP ways when they aren’t at home.

Travel CPAP machines like the Air-mini and Dream Station Go provide sleep apnea patients with a real-world solution to sleep therapy on-the-go.

Compact travel CPAP machines weigh only a few pounds and deliver the performance and advanced features found on many full-sized CPAP machines but in a portable, travel-friendly package.

All you need is the right equipment, and one of the options is the Alaska Sleep Clinic which has every machine and accessory. So the next time you hit the road, you’ll rest easy under the stars. The Expion batteries by Venture Volt last multiple nights off of a single charge. Alaska Sleep Clinic also has solar panels that recharge those batteries for your CPAP machine.

Inspired to plan that road trip yet?

You don’t have to limit your adventures to any condition you suffer at night; and your travel partners don’t have to suffer through your snoring either. You can go off the grid and still rest comfortably at night.

If you need any additional information on traveling with CPAP or would like to purchase a travel specific CPAP machine, contact the Alaska Sleep Clinic.

Don’t let CPAP therapy interfere with your love of the Alaskan Summer. Visit or any of our four locations in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Soldotna or Wasilla today. With the Alaska Sleep Clinic, there is nothing stopping you from enjoying outdoor activities while feeling your best with CPAP therapy!