Wal-Mike’s in Trapper Creek is the go-to for locals and tourists searching for anything!

Updated: Sep. 7, 2022 at 3:55 PM AKDT
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Mike Carpenter didn’t set out to have a store that carries just about everything from beaver skulls, totem poles, fuses and motor oil, but that’s exactly what his store, Wal-Mike’s has become. The Trapper Creek landmark is a destination for Alaskans as well as those on their vacation. Mike moved to Trapper Creek in 1964 after he graduated from Anchorage High School and never looked back. Now days at age 77 he says his store has just ‘evolved’ into a hodgepodge of everything. He and his store have been featured in national magazines and television shows but, Mike says all that attention hasn’t changed him and he’s the same 18-year-old man that headed north, curious for adventure. These days Mike is happily married and his son and grandchildren live close by. Visits are daily and the store? He says it’s not going anywhere soon. Here’s Mike Carpenter’s Allgood News.