Imagine adopting a cat that loves you, but nobody else. A feline with a fitting name.

Updated: Nov. 21, 2022 at 3:55 PM AKST
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Todd Rector rescued what he thought was a very sweet cat from animal control. He named the cat 'Mao'. Mao was fine until he met Todd's other cats. Mao would battle the other cats and stalk them and even had Todd’s three dogs on edge. Todd loves animals and tried to do everything to help Mao out, even posting about his troubles on the 'Nextdoor app, trying to find another 'solo' home for mao or possibly the owner. In the meantime, his other five animals were living in fear of a very ‘stalky’ cat! In an odd twist, the owner recognized Mao on Nextdoor as a her cat she had lost months earlier and Mao’s real name? Godzilla! The aptly named feline was returned to its owner and Todd and his menagerie of animals have since tried returning to normal, his remaining cats a bit wounded physically and emotionally. Todd says he’s never in his 50 years seen a cat so sweet and territorially aggressive!