Anchorage Project Access saves life of hairdresser through donated surgery

Updated: Nov. 30, 2022 at 2:54 PM AKST
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Hairdresser Teresa Olorunlowo of Anchorage was dying of anemia. She needed a hysterectomy but what was holding her back wasn’t a lack of doctors or surgeons here in Anchorage. It was a lack of money. Even after a 30-year career, she still couldn’t afford health insurance. After a near-death experience while on a camping trip, she was preparing for the worst. The mother and grandmother had resigned herself to the notion that she couldn’t get the care she needed. But, thanks to her primary care doctor, Teresa was put in touch with Anchorage Project Access, a nonprofit that connects people in need of surgeries and dental care with doctors who will provide those services for free. She’s doing great today, thanks to Anchorage Project Access, and says she would not be here today if not for their generosity.