Monica's house of ever-expanding Christmas displays

Updated: Dec. 23, 2022 at 3:55 PM AKST
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Monica Houglum of Anchorage has a bit of a collecting issue. She collects little Christmas villages and pretty much everything else associated with Christmas! But it is neatly displayed at her house, what room is left to display all the thousands of items she has. But as you'll discover with Monica, this is not materialistic at all — it’s about memories. Memories of a simpler time and family and friends. The villages and lights and all the Christmas memorabilia is there to reminder her that life is more than social media and the topic of the day. She's been collecting for over 15 years and the best thing, the mom of military children has a sense of humor about it all and a simple message: if it makes you happy? Do it! The Allgood News with Dave Allgood Email: