The Adventures of Peanut Power is 5 decades in the making!

Updated: Mar. 13, 2023 at 3:55 PM AKDT
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Dennis Vecera spent 30 years as a very creative teacher here in Anchorage. His knowledge of earthquakes and volcanoes is pretty amazing and when it comes to being creative, he wasn’t above dressing up and singing like Elvis to get your attention focused on science. But it was a passion he followed since he was five years old that followed him into retirement and finally onto the page. That passion? His fictional superhero, "Peanut Power!" Dennis retired right when COVID hit and he had a lot of downtime, so he channeled his inner writer and brought his imagined childhood character to life in the form of four books and even an Iditarod board game that is factually correct and superbly informative. He talked to Dave about "following your Dreams” and never giving up! Here’s Dennis Vercera’s Allgood News. If you have an idea for an Allgood news story, email Dave – You can Email "Peanut Power" aka Dennis Vecera at -