An opossum’s impossible journey to Homer, Alaska and how she beat the odds! To live!

Updated: May. 26, 2023 at 3:55 PM AKDT
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Since March 30, an opossum has been running loose in Homer. Grubby, as she came to be known, arrived in a container ship from Washington, and was free for a couple months before being caught by Homer police on May 24. Grubby was sent to the Alaska Zoo, where she will live out her life. She is doing fine and enjoyed a big dinner of salmon! The news of Grubby's safety and that she will have a long and happy life here in Anchorage was great news to those in Homer who advocated for her rescue. Others think she should still run for mayor and apply for her PFD — ‘Possum Fund Dividend’. Either way, Grubby is a bit of a unicorn as she is the only known opossum residing here in the state of Alaska. Considered an invasive species, opossums are of course not welcome here in Alaska … but it was Grubby’s cult following and social media pages advocating for her safety that in the end probably saved her life. Grubby does have her own fund set up at the Alaska Zoo, to donate just head to their website: If you have an idea for an Allgood News story, just email Dave: