A cat named “Homeboy Thumbs” from Anchorage is angling for a wacky moniker!

Updated: Jun. 7, 2023 at 3:55 PM AKDT
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Zoe McHenry, owner of a cat named Homeboy Thumbs, says he has no idea fame is coming his way, so he’s pretty chill right now. Each year, Nationwide’s pet insurance team celebrates some of the craziest names among its insured pets, and Homeboy Thumbs was among the "Wacky Pet Names" finalists that were announced recently. He has an unusual condition of having extra toes! The wackiest names in each category will be determined by a public vote that runs through June 9 with the top cat, dog, and exotic pet names being announced on Tuesday, June 13. Naming such a unique cat took time, Zoe recalls. “I started to refer to him as ‘Homeboy’ and ‘Thumbs,’ and I couldn’t pick between them — so I decided to combine the two.” The name was the perfect fit for this fantastically unique feline. “My cat acts like he has street cred, and it’s because he legitimately does. I have no idea how long he was out on the street for,” she says. “He’s also a goofy dude … I thought Homeboy Thumbs was the perfect mix of goofy and gangster, because that’s what he is.” If you have an idea for an Allgood news story, email Dave: AllgoodNews@ktuu.com