Beekeeping Alaska Style! Tim Huffman is teaching sustainable beekeeping to whoever will listen

Updated: Aug. 4, 2023 at 4:59 PM AKDT
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Tim Huffman is a believer in bees. He has the only Alaska-based beekeeping YouTube channel — it’s called Anchorage Backyard Beekeeping. He’s teaching people how to get their bees through an Alaskan winter. Normally Alaska beekeepers kill their bees in the fall and import new ones from California each spring. Tim is proving that not only can the bees make it through the winter, but they can also thrive with just a few environmental adjustments. Tim is passionate and ardent about getting the word out about bees and their resiliency — and that anyone can be an Anchorage Backyard Beekeeper! Tim Huffman on YouTube: Anchorage Backyard Beekeeping. If you have a story idea for the Allgood News Email Dave at: