The trolley troubadour, Alice Welling, lends life to tours!

Updated: Sep. 6, 2023 at 4:59 PM AKDT
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Alice Welling of Anchorage Trolley Tours makes facts fun! With singing, laughing, comedic one-liners, and subtle innocent innuendos — well, it comes naturally to the hometown girl. The former Miss Anchorage, theater and stage star, and radio host just has a knack for good gab and a sly smile that can be seen in the big trolley rearview mirror that lets her riders know they are "in on" the joke, all while driving and laying down her histrionics of the biggest city in Alaska. Alice is known for her "Whale Fat Follies" and "Hullabaloo on 3rd Avenue" and she worked and traveled as an entertaining ambassador for Visit Anchorage for years. Dave took an hour-long tour with Alice and tourists from across the country and the world. Alice says she just loves her hometown. When she’s not driving, she works for the Anchorage School District as a paraprofessional at West Anchorage High School. Have an idea for an Allgood News story? Contact Dave at