Alaska game developer could be the youngest ever! Meet Naomi Weisman and her mom Irene Boll

Updated: Sep. 27, 2023 at 4:59 PM AKDT
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Naomi Weisman is just six years old but she has already developed and coded her own computer game called Find Lennix. It involves rainbow roses and kings and queens and an evil wizard — complete with music, voices, and colors that pop. Mom Irene Boll says she showed her daughter the website and that’s where Naomi discovered Google’s Blockly, a way to generate code and make a computer game. Well, not only did the young Naomi make her own game, but she also made a website and app to boot! At just over six years old… Naomi could possibly be the youngest person to code and design her own game/app. Naomi showcased her game Find Lennix at the 2023 Alaska State Fair as part of her 4-H project. The launch went fine, and mom has submitted the necessary paperwork to the folks over at Guiness World Records to see if Naomi is in fact the youngest ever to code her own game. In the meantime, mom says Naomi is taking a break from coding to work on her ballet and just being a kid. She does hope to add more levels to Find Lennix and continue her coding journey.