Lots of snow? Build a snowman, win a contest and make memories!

Updated: Nov. 15, 2023 at 4:59 PM AKST
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Making the most of the snow! I went to do a story about a 10-foot snowman in the Bayshore neighborhood and I met the super fun family that call themselves "Team Red" (dad is a TRUE redhead). Parents Thomas and Selina Marsh, they have five kids — Braden, Brooklyn, Carter, Adeline, and Noah. We ended up having just a good old fashioned snowball fight and making snow angels, the kids ganging up on dad and burying him in the snow and dad responding by plopping the kids into piles of snow. School's closed and it’s a snow day! Go out and play! Oh, and they build a 10-foot-high snowman named Bayshore Bob The Cotton Candy Man. That’s cool too! Bayshore Bob’s top hat belong to his grandmother … so there was a little sentimental value to making moments building a memory and dad and mom playing with you in the snow. These kids will always have these memories! Update: The Marsh family won the neighborhood contest, they got candy bars for the kids and a case of beer for mom and dad! Allgood News story idea? Email Dave : Allgoodnews@KTUU.com