Lost poodle found after six days surviving in the Alaskan wild

Published: Apr. 1, 2018 at 10:07 PM AKDT
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A Maltese poodle named Luna, weighing less than 10 pounds, defied the odds and survived six days and nights in the Alaskan wild.

Kennedy Webster had been searching since Luna ran away during an afternoon walk near the Campbell Creek trail in East Anchorage.

"She's not going off the leash at all no laughs," said Webster, upon Luna's miraculous return.

Both parties were happy to be reunited after nearly a week of searching. One day Webster and her boyfriend were walking Luna along the Campbell Creek Trail when Luna, who was off her leash, saw another dog off its leash and chased after it.

"She got spooked and just decided to take off in a full sprint and went chasing after her. Nobody saw her. Nothing. She was just gone, vanished. After like an hour of searching, going back and forth through the trails, we didn't see her. By the time the night hit all of us were pretty concerned," said Webster's boyfriend.

They took to social media sites like Craigslist, Nextdoor, and Facebook. Hoping to generate traction and spread the word through clicks likes and shares.

"All the people that shared it, and all the people that we didn't even know, [told us] they would be out on the trails for us the next day in the morning or after dark looking for a little white dog. That was pretty awesome," he said.

One Anchorage local, claiming to be a pet detective, even offered their services and advice at no charge. While both Webster and her boyfriend were still searching, they said that each passing day their hope dropped a little bit more.

Until the day that Luna was found in the backyard of an Anchorage home. The dog had survived the cold Alaskan nights, possible encounters with wildlife, and was still somehow unharmed.

Now and forever in the future, Webster says her dog will remain on a leash. Luna is said to be in good health after a quick visit to the vet who was shocked the six pound poodle survived and looked as good as she did after nearly a week in the wild.