Wasilla resident concerned about neighbor’s threatening yard signs, disturbing decorations

The problem has gotten so bad that she has considered selling the house, but some real estate brokers won’t even list it
An Alaska resident says she is concerned about her neighbor’s threatening yard signs and disturbing decorations. (Source: KTUU)
Published: Aug. 29, 2022 at 7:24 PM AKDT
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WASILLA, Alaska (KTUU) - Along the gravel road of a quiet Wasilla neighborhood, the dust isn’t settling on a property dispute between neighbors.

Ms. Moore (who asked that her full name not be used) no longer enjoys sitting out in her backyard after a neighbor has decorated their fence that sits along her property line with suggestive trespassing signs.

Moore found herself at odds with the adjacent property owners after a survey revealed a few feet of encroachment into her backyard. The property lines have since been cleaned up, but ever since the discovery, the relationship with her neighbors has soured.

According to Moore, the neighbors had the signs affixed to the backside of the fence that was erected after the new survey lines were staked into the ground. The backside of the fence directly faces her backyard. The signs heavily warn trespassers that the property owners own firearms and a number of them show decals of assault rifles and handguns.

Multiple trespassing signs brandishing handguns and assault rifles face a neighbor's backyard...
Multiple trespassing signs brandishing handguns and assault rifles face a neighbor's backyard in Wasilla.(AKNS)

“Basically, you can go on Amazon, take your pick, and I probably have it in my backyard,” Moore said.

The signs are not the only thing visible from Moore’s backyard, a number of mutilated dolls hang from a tree above the fence line, while another’s head is spiked onto a stick.

“I have four little granddaughters that won’t come out here,” Moore said. “They won’t come to my house (and) play in the backyard.”

Other signs that are visible on the front of the property — and from the street — call Moore a “neighbor from hell” and suggest she voted for President Joe Biden. After getting a few comments from other neighbors about it, Moore felt compelled to put up a “Veterans for Trump” sign in her front yard to clarify her political stance.

At one point Moore even considered selling her home, but some real estate brokers wouldn’t list it because of the concerning number and nature of the yard decorations.

“I would love to see — in the community — a difference made in turning this around,” Moore stated. “Protecting people and their homes and their investments, and being able to enjoy their quality of life.”

The signs and disturbing yard decor may be a violation of the subdivision’s covenants, conditions, and restrictions, but according to the Matanuska-Susitna Borough’s Code Compliance department, Moore would need to seek legal counsel and go to civil court to argue that.

Moore’s neighbor who owns the fence and signs was contacted by Alaska’s News Source but declined to comment on the matter.

Moore would like to see a peaceful resolution to the whole situation, and for the adjacent property owner’s to take the signs down so she can use her backyard again.

“Nobody should live like this,” Moore said. “What are we sending a message to, in the community, that this is OK.”