Alaska Permanent Fund total value exceeds $65.3 billion

Published: Jul. 20, 2017 at 5:11 PM AKDT
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This data visualization and article were both updated on May 11, 2018, in order to reflect new figures. The article was originally published on July 20, 2017.


As of May 11, 2018, the Alaska Permanent Fund reached an


value of over $65.3 billion, according to the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation (APFC). The fund reached an


milestone value of over $65 billion, back in late-January.

In 1976, Alaskans voted to amend the constitution to put at least 25 percent of the oil money in a dedicated fund: The Permanent Fund. It was an effort to save money for future generations.

The entire Fund is managed as a single investment pool, and it is invested in assets like stocks, bonds and real estate. Moreover, the Permanent Fund contains two major accounts: the corpus and the earnings reserve. The Alaska Constitution states that the principal money may not be spent. The latter contains the interest the fund has accrued over the years, and the earnings may be spent by the Legislature for any public purpose, including the annual Permanent Fund Dividend checks made out to Alaskans.

Dividends, historically, have been based on the earnings reserve's value over a 5-year period. But this year and last, instead, have been set arbitrarily by policymakers.

This fall, residents will receive a check for $1,600,