Anchorage Police Department unveils plan to crack down on violent crimes and drug problems

Published: Oct. 3, 2017 at 5:26 PM AKDT
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Anchorage Police Department announced a new plan to suppress violent crimes and drug problems in Anchorage on Tuesday.

The plan has three parts including moving the VICE team from the detective division to the crime suppression division, assigns a detective with the Alaska Information Analysis Center to move to the crime suppression division and creates an investigative support unit to help detectives and patrol.

APD Chief Justin Doll said a recent increase in staffing numbers will help the department become more proactive than reactive when it comes to crimes.

Chief Doll said there is no magic answer as to what's causing a recent spike in crime, but there are some factors that could play a role.

"I think in Anchorage we have a combination of things, the department's suffered from low staffing for a while and I think whenever you don't have law enforcement pressure on criminal activity it tends to increase," Doll said. "You know I think that we're seeing a rise in the use of opioids and I think that tends to affect property crimes."

The crime suppression initiative will be in place for at least six to eight months and Chief Doll said the department will monitor the activity level of the various units involved to see if the plan is working.

APD said it currently has 409 officers.

Chief Doll said the department will hold a new academy in December.