Quadriplegic author publishing third book

Writes using voice instead of hands
One Alaskan author — made a quadriplegic by muscular dystrophy — is publishing his third book after using only his voice to write it.
Published: Jun. 14, 2022 at 8:45 PM AKDT
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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - One Alaskan author — made a quadriplegic by muscular dystrophy — is publishing his third book after using only his voice to write it.

Adam Freestone is an author and story teller, and just so happens to be in a wheelchair. Freestone lost the use of his limbs due to his disease, and is out to prove that disabilities don’t have to withhold people from their dreams. Despite the deficiencies of his body, his mind has no such limitations.

“Hopefully the story will inspire kids or people that have disabilities,” Freestone said.

Freestone was born with the neuromuscular disease, but it wasn’t until he was around 10 years old that it started to affect him. Through the years he loved playing video games, and even considered himself to be rather skilled at it. In 2017 the muscles in hands started to deteriorate. Once he almost completely lost the use of his hands, he began to pour himself into his writing.

“As time went on my hands got weaker and weaker until eventually I couldn’t play games anymore,” Freestone said. “So I was looking for something else to do and I had all these ideas for stories so I started learning how to write.”

For Freestone, the loss of old dreams allowed new ones to soar. He began teaching himself to write through textbooks and found a way to put the vivid pictures in his head onto paper. Since 2019 he has published two books out of a series of four. His lack of flexibility to type on portable devices makes the physical act of writing a daunting task. Freestone has to compose his books through a talk to text program. He has difficulty speaking due to his ventilator so the process can be tedious, but although it may take longer, Freestone feels that the effort is warranted if he can connect people without seeing each other.

“If I can do it with all the issues that I’ve got, I was hoping to show that maybe they can do it and that they shouldn’t give up just because they are in a wheelchair,” Freestone said.

In Freestone’s Sentinel Flame series, he has already published “Hyroc” and “Tree of Memories.” His characters are a loose representation of himself, someone who stands out. Inspired by C.S. Lewis and J.K. Rowling, he uses his colorful imagination to create fantasies. Currently he is working on the final touches for his third book, which is set to be released this fall. For Freestone, being a quadriplegic isn’t the end of his life, it’s just another beginning.

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