Church Militant Resistance prays rosary outside Russian Jack drag show

One side says the show is inappropriate for kids, the other says the show is family friendly and strengthens communities
One side of the topic say the show is inappropriate for kids, the other side says the show is family friendly and strengthens communities.
Published: Mar. 25, 2023 at 2:43 PM AKDT
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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - Christian activists voiced their opinions at a drag show Friday in the Russian Jack neighborhood in Anchorage.

People were on both sides of the topic — and the parking lot — outside Cafecito Bonito on DeBarr Road.

While the drag show kicked off as planned inside the venue, a small group of people gathered outside to pray. The people who were praying say it was their way of standing in solidarity against drag and against the show, which was promoted as open to all ages.

Dozens gathered outside Cafecito Bonito in support of the drag show, saying it was an event suitable for all ages.

The Alaska Watchman, a conservative-leaning online outlet, was among those encouraging people to gather in protest. Seven people were at the planned protest and aimed to make their stance known. They say drag shows go against their beliefs and religion and don’t feel it’s appropriate for kids.

“We need to show people that we love them, so we’re here to peacefully pray,” said Cindy Martinez with the Church Militant Resistance Alaska group. “We’re not here to engage with anyone, but only to also bring awareness to the fact that children do not need to be exposed to this.”

Supporters of the event maintain it’s not only a safe place for children, but that it’s a place to help strengthen and build community connections.

“You can see from the person behind me, right here, that’s drag,” said Vincent Feuilles, president of The Queen’s Guard, referencing a person dressed in drag behind him during the interview. “There is nothing inappropriate about that,” Feuilles said. “To say that’s inappropriate without having any knowledge is to create a false idea and to push a false agenda and that’s not OK.”

Supporters and organizers of the event say the drag shows will continue.

Those gathered in opposition considered their event more of a prayer vigil than a protest.